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Location: Mesoamerican Reef, Coastal East Africa, Gulf of California, Coral Triangle Status: Endangered Population: Approx. 7000 Did you know?: Like human fingerprints, whale sharks have a unique pattern of spots which allow individual sharks to be identified. By taking photos and cataloguing them, WWF has identified 458 different whale sharks in the Philippines. (source) The Whale Shark Color Builder features 3 shades of 40wt thread in 2770, 2735, 2784... a beautiful collection of cool blue hues in honor of this majestic sea creature. Throughout this year, Aurifil will work to generate increased awareness of and compassion for some of the most critically endangered species. We're collaborating with Earth League International and would encourage you to follow along with us via social media to learn more about the featured animals and how you can get involved each month.

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