Summers Night Kimberbell kit

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Kimberbell's Summer Nights kit Let's take a look at the projects “Meet me at the drive-in!” Kimberbell’s Pink Roadster Mug Rug features a classic car against a backdrop of summer stars. Stitch your project at the event in a 5x7 hoop and add show-stopping Kimberbellishments such as Mylar, Sweet as Candy Clear Vinyl, and French Pink Embroidery Leather And for a double feature, we’ve thrown in an extra size for an 8x12 hoop! Pack your snacks in Kimberbell’s “Sweet Stash” Roll-up Bag! Applique Glitter and Sweet as Candy Colored Vinyl give sparkle and shine to the front, while the flip side is lined with pockets for your favorite treats. (Chocolate or fruity? There's room for both!) After adding your “stash,” simply roll the bag up and secure with an elastic band. Make at the event in a 6x10 hoop, then go home with additional sizes for later. It’s “always s’more fun together!” Kimberbell’s “S’more Fun” Roasting Stick Tote holds everything you need for summer cookouts. Embroidery Felt, Applique Glitter, and smooth Embroidery Leather are tasteful toppings on our chambray Kimberblank. Embroider in a 6x10 hoop, create the roasting stick pocket, then sew up the sides with a simple straight stitch!

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