Sweet Dreams Cotton Stuffing

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Sweet Dreams is a 100% cotton stuffing made of soft dreamy natural cotton. A crafter’s dream for stuffing, primitives, pin cushions, ornaments, Puzzle Balls* firm pillows and padding, upholstery, bumper pads and trapunto. 100% Natural Cotton Stuffing is mechanically cleaned and specially processed to give you softness and the best resiliency available in cotton stuffing. Sweet Dreams is a natural way to fill your favorite projects and with a beautiful soft hand you will love working with Sweet Dreams. For stuffing or filling crafts and figures (dolls, bears, etc.) pull apart the desired amount of Sweet Dreams to fill your favorite project. Fill loosely for a naturally soft cuddly effect or pack tightly for desired firmness. Easy to fill and pack small spaces (such as fingers, nose, etc on dolls, etc). We recommend surface washing completed projects.

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