Tucker Univ Sophomore Yr, with Nicole , Sunday1pm -4pm

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Sophomore Year - Tucker University - with Nicole, certified Studio 180 instructor Sunday1pm -4pm The sophomore year is a combination of techniques curriculum. This class builds upon freshman year , 2 new rulers will be introduced, petite hunters star and 4 Patch Square Up. This series covers six more techniques that every quilter should have in their toolbox of skills. Rulers used : Lg Square Square, Petite Hunters, 4 Patch Square Up, Tucker Trimmer 3. The fee includes all 6 three hour classes, and 6 Design Sheets. Note: This is a 6 month commitment. (1/29, 2/19, 3/26, 4/30, 5/21, 6/11) Sunday1pm -4pm NO REFUNDS Fee: $ 375.00 NO REFUNDS Students will experience greater success once they have completed the freshman year curriculum. Semester One of Tucker University - Sophomore Year 1. Birds of Paradise 2. Stacked Squares 3. Rapid Fire Hunter Star 4. Eight at Once/Non Mirror Combo Units 5. Four Patch Square Up 6. Geese on the Edge

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