Basics and Blenders in Quilting

You probably have a good idea about what’s in your fabric stash. You remember the perfect border print, the fabric that has your favorite football team’s mascot, the fun novelty you found on vacation, but how does your stack of basics and blenders look? And what would a blender be anway? Let’s take a look and give you some helpful tips and ideas for keeping your stash, full, fresh, and ready to go. 

What Makes a Good Blender?

Blender fabrics are the unsung heroes of quilting projects. They serve as supporting pieces, allowing other focal prints or accent colors to shine. The key to a good blender lies in its versatility. Solids work as good blenders but you can also use prints. Opt for prints that are subtle or tonal, with lower contrast and generally a smaller scale. The patterns tend to be more generic, like geometrics, florals, dots, and stripes. These fabrics seamlessly connect different elements of your quilt, creating a cohesive and balanced look.

When selecting blender prints, consider factors like color, scale, and texture.  Experiment with various scales to add depth, and don't shy away from subtle textures that can add visual interest without overwhelming the overall design. Remember, a good blender is like a supporting actor in your favorite – it enhances the performance without stealing the spotlight.

Our Favorite Blenders

We love stocking up on all the beautiful blenders out there! If you want to see everything that falls into that category, look here.

And if you’re looking for a specific type of blender, here are some examples of our favorites

Restock Your Other Basics 

A well-stocked sewing stash goes beyond fabric. You can’t put a quilt together without the basics, so make sure that your stash is fully stocked with threads, pins, and your other go-to notions. Does your favorite ruler have any chips? Are the markings worn off? What about your cutting mat? Does it have dead spots that are causing your rotary cutter to skip? Take a good look at all the things that make your quilting possible and make sure that they’re all pulling their weight and not causing extra work for you.

Blenders and basics are the keys to keeping your quilts beautifully balanced and your sewing space ready to go for every project. Make sure to take the time to restock and refresh all the basics like thread, pins, and notions when you stop by Bits ‘n Pieces to find your new favorite blenders.

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