Have you ever wanted to try to longarm quilt your own quilts? Have you ever wanted to say "I did this all myself"? Want to save some money? Then renting one of our longarm machines is just the thing for you.
We have 1 120" Handi Quilter Amara on 10 ft studio frames, a 24 " Forte on a 12 ft studio frame, a 26" Infinity on an 12 ft frame, A Simply Sixteen on a 5 ft Little Foot Frame, as well as the new Handi Quilter Capri stationary machine. Most of our machines can be either driven by hand or use the Handi Quilter Prostitcher quilt your quilts.  All available for rent.

How does it work?

You can receive a lesson and then quilt your quilt the hand-guided way by either doing a freehanded design, for example, a stipple or loopedy loops. You can use a groovy board, which is a stylus which in turn you push through a track on a board or you can use the laser light and follow a pantograph. This will allow you to put an all-over design on your quilt.

If that is not for you - you can use our computerized machines and pick your design, we will help you program it and show you how to use the Prostitcher and away you go, ( you can even shop while this quilts it for you )
Give us a call today to book your time on our rental units.