Do you have quilt tops that you have finished, but are still sitting around, waiting for the final touches?

Ever wanted to learn how to use a machine quilt?

You've come to the right place!

Bits N Pieces Quilting Studio

We'l help turn your work of art into a treasured heirloom.

We specialize in professional long arm machine quilting on our computerized quilting machines adding beautiful designs to accent your quilt and help it stay together. We have a fast turnaround with all over machine quilting designs (pantograph patterns) quilts completed within two to three weeks time. We have hundreds of patterns for you to choose from and our baby quilts start at just $ 45.00 for an allover design. Custom design work also available call or email for a quote.

Lessons and rental time are available!

Quilt Top Preparation:

Make sure your quilt top has been pressed and all threads cleaned up. Loose dark threads left on the back of the light colored patches can really distract from the quilt as they can be caught between the layers.

If there is a difference between the top and the bottom of your quilt, mark the top of your quilt top with a safety pin.

Please be sure all seams are secure.

It is important that your quilt top is square. If there is a problem with the squareness of the top, there also can be a problem with how the quilting design lays on the quilt.

If there is any fullness in your quilt or ruffles in your borders, I will do my best when quilting to try to ease in the fullness. But quilt tops with these problems may have tucks and pleats after the quilting is complete.

Backings and battings need to be 6-8 inches larger on the length and width of the quilt top. For example if you have a 60" x 60" quilt, your backing should be at least 66 x 66. This will supply the needed 6 inches on all sides of the quilt.

We carry an assortment of battings: Quilters Dream Cotton, Poly, Wool, Silk, Puff, Dream Green, and Warm & Natural. We give you a 20 % discount on batting if we supply it.

We carry an assortment of threads a Superior King Tut variegated and solids. Sulky, YLI, Glide, Wonderfil  threads for you to choose from.

Let us help you finish your quilt tops. 

Custom work is also available please call for a quote 603-635-9705.