Everything You Need to Know About Cuddle

When it comes to quilting, cotton fabrics are standard for making your tops and piecing your quilt backs. But have you ever made a quilt using Cuddle? Cuddle, Minky, Snuggle, whatever you call it, it makes the most cozy quilts.

What is Cuddle?

Cuddle fabric features a plush velvety pile on the right side with a smooth back. It’s made out of polyester, so it’s machine washable and keeps its soft texture and all the vibrant colors even after repeated washing. Cuddle is available in solid colors as well as embossed textures, fun and unique prints, and even metallic sparkles. Cuddle also adds an extra layer of warmth to your quilt, making it perfect for cuddling up on the couch or keeping you cozy in bed.

Cuddle Kits

You don’t have to be an expert to make an eye-catching, irresistibly-cozy quilt! The Cuddle Kits have everything you need to make a Cuddle blanket or quilt with beginner-friendly, pre-cut materials.


Cuddle is ready to grab and go! Available in either 3 yard precut pieces or 2 yard precut pieces, these are great to have on hand for fast projects and instant quilt backs. Some of our other favorite projects include throw blankets, pillows, and infinity scarves

Cuddle Wide Backs

Even if you haven’t put Cuddle on the front of your quilt, you can put Cuddle on the back. Cuddle comes in wide backs so you don’t even have to seam it.

Every time we get a new shipment of Cuddle, we can’t wait to open up the boxes and see all the beautiful new kits and bolts. There’s always a new color or project to inspire us. And who can resist a cozy quilt?! Up the cuddle factor, pun intended, with some Cuddle from Bits ‘n Pieces.

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