Corner Pop Ruler with Certified Instructor Nicole Merriam Sunday PM 1 PM- 4 PM July 14th

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Certified Instructor Nicole Merriam will show you how neat this tool is to ad some pop to your blocks.

 The Corner Pop® tool is designed to help quilters add popped corners to their units.

 Here are the key features:

 Trim Instead of Mark:  With this tool, you can trim fabric rather than marking it. This makes the process more efficient and accurate.

 Oversized Replacement Triangle: The Corner Pop® allows you to add an oversized replacement triangle to your unit.

Perfect Sizing: After adding the replacement triangle, you can square everything up to a perfect size.

 Multiple Sizes: The tool comes in twenty-two different sizes, including whole, half, and quarter inches. This versatility ensures success for quilters of all levels Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced quilter, the Corner Pop® can enhance your quilting projects. It’s a great way to add pops of color and secondary patterns to your quilt units. Tucker University is a new and exciting opportunity to help quilters build their skills and accuracy. Each class covers a different Studio 180 Design tool along with ways to expand the use of the tool. Students will make 4" finished units so that they can combine and create new blocks. The creativity is contagious!

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