Eighth Inch Tucker Trimmer

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The Eighth Inch Tucker Trimmer trims down 13 different unit sizes in ⅛”, ⅜”, ⅝” and ⅞” increments. For all the times when you just have to trim to an ⅛” increment. Use it to quickly and accurately trim down units that are made with triangles: half square triangle squares, quarter square triangle squares (hourglass units), and combinations of half square and quarter square triangle squares (combination units). It has multiple diagonals which allow you to align ruler guide lines with unit seam lines to quickly locate the exact center of pieced units. This makes unit construction easy, precise and perfect every time and it’s also handy for cutting those ⅛” squares from strips. It is compact, simple to read, and provides the same great results you've come to expect from all Studio 180 Design tools. It is the perfect tool for those who prefer to make quilts using smaller units!

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