Quilters Dream Black Poly Batting Super Queen 121" x 93"

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121" x 93" Dream Black is a beautiful true black quilt batting – that enhances the integrity, richness, and warmth of vivid and dark fabrics and… ‘quilts like a dream’. Dream Black Poly is a rich black batting that is wonderful with dark and bright colored fabrics. It is highly recommended for use with all black fabrics. It also is excellent with red, maroon, brown, green, navy and other deep and vivid fabric colors. If your quilt has a light side and a dark side – Dream Black Poly can be easily layered with one of Quilters Dream’s white or natural battings. You are going to love Black Dream Poly batting with your dark and colorful fabrics- it is rich, warm, soft and drapeable and truly quilts like a dream. You won’t believe it’s polyester Quilters Dream Dream Black Batting is available in select loft in these sizes: Craft 46″ x 36″ Crib 60″ x 46″ Throw 60″ x 60 Twin 93″ x 72″ Double 96″ x 93″ Queen 108″ x 93 Super Queen 121″ x 93″ King 122″ x 120″

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