Quilt Patterns for Panels

It’s no secret that we love panels at Bits ‘n Pieces. Big panels, little panels, horizontal panels, we carry them all. But sometimes you bring home a panel and you’re not sure how that panel will work in a quilt. We’ve put together our favorite books, patterns, and projects for you to use all the panels in your stash.

Panel Play

Panel Play by Barbara Becker and Cozy Quilt Designs is our go-to book when we’re looking for a quilt pattern for a panel. There are plenty of patterns and tips for you to really make your panels pop.

Learn to Quilt with Panels

Need to make a quilt in a hurry? Grab your prettiest panel and the Learn to Quilt with Panels book for a gorgeous, quick, and easy quilt! You’ll learn how to use panels in quilts or even how to chop them up and use them as design elements. 

Block Talk

The Block Talk pattern from Swirly Girls works with panels, 10” layer cakes, T-shirts, or an accent fabric so this pattern is a lot of bang for your buck. It even includes a link to a web based interactive calculator to help you plan your quilt.

Block Talk Stars

The original Block Talk is cute, but anytime you can add some stars to your quilt count us in! You can easily adjust the pattern for multiple panel sizes based on the size of the center rectangle.


Nebula from Villa Rosa Designs is a great pattern for a panel that is a continuous panel across the width of the fabric. Use one panel or 1.25 yards of focus fabric to make your own Nebula.


We get tons of panels at Bits ‘n Pieces that are right at that ¾” of a yard dimension, and Drifting from Villa Rosa designs is the perfect pattern to use the horizontal panels. Put your panel front and center and add some fun pieced blocks above and below.


Ladders is another good pattern from Villa Rosa for your horizontal patterns. It’s quick and easy and works whether you’re going for something scrappy or more controlled.

Happy Hauler Bag

Panels for a quilted bag? Why not?! The Happy Hauler Bag is large and gives you plenty of space to show off your panels in an entirely different way than on a wall.

The next time you come across a beautiful panel, don’t be afraid to take it home! We’re positive you’ll find the best pattern at Bits ‘n Pieces to make a beautiful panel quilt. 

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