English Paper Piecing Starter Kit

English Paper Piecing seems to be everywhere right now. Its popularity has grown and there are tons of different projects of different sizes that use this technique. 

What is English Paper Piecing?

English Paper Piecing is a hand-sewing technique that involves stabilizing fabric pieces with paper templates. The templates help maintain precise shapes and angles, allowing you to create patterns that are tricky with a sewing machine. Each piece of paper is basted around the paper template, then stitched together with a whip stitch. Once the pieces are joined, the paper templates are removed leaving your perfectly pieced top!

We have fallen in love with English Paper Piecing, and we wanted to give you a way to dip your toe in and try it. We’ve put together our English Paper Piecing Starter Kit.

The English Paper Piecing Starter Kit

Storage Box

Since we’re doing handwork, there are a lot of little pieces that can get lost. This storage box is a great size to keep everything together and tuck in a bag to sew on the go.

Ladybug Thread Scissors and Case

You’re going to need thread snips for your projects, who says they have to be boring?! We saw these Ladybug Thread Scissors and knew they were the perfect thing for the Starter Kits.


Since you’re just starting out with English Paper Piecing, we’re putting two needles instead of a whole case in the kit.


Here’s an English Paper Piecing tip for you; instead of keeping a large spool of thread in your kit, just use a prewound bobbin. 

Poke-a-Dot Sticky Thimbles

The Poke-a-Dot sticky thimbles are the best thing for handwork! It’s an adhesive dot you can position on your finger or thumb. You don’t have the bulk of a full thimble and you can put it in the perfect spot for how you sew.

Fabric Squares

You need something to sew together, don’t you?!

Hexagon Paper Pieces

You’ll find ¾” hexagons in your starter kit. Note that when you measure a hexagon, the ¾” size refers to the length of one side not the overall diameter of the hexagon.

Sew-Line Glue Pen and Refill

While you can thread baste your fabric around your paper template, we like the Sew-Line Glue Pen. Use the glue pen on the paper then press the fabric around the template into the glue. It’s not a permanent hold so the fabric easily releases when your top is complete and you’re ready to remove the papers. 


Once you have your pieces prepped, then comes the fun part - stitching them together! Instead of trying to perfectly align them and maintain your grip, use a Sew-Tite. The magnet will secure your pieces together so that you can concentrate on the stitching.

We’ve already restocked our English Paper Piecing Starter Kits a couple of times, they’ve been so popular! We love finding new projects and techniques for you at Bits ‘n Pieces Quilt Shoppe. 

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