Essential Guide to Longarm Feet

Quilters know the difference using the correct foot on their domestic sewing machine makes for their projects, but somehow forget that they increase the capabilities of their longarm machine the same way. As the top Handi Quilter dealer in the northeast, we wanted to create our Essential Guide to Longarm Feet so you can tackle all of your quilts with confidence.

Glide Foot 3

The Glide Foot 3 is a clear bowl-shaped foot that easily glides over and around dimensional elements, applique, or even a bulky seam on a quilt.

Micro Foot

If you’re one of the many quilters who’ve fallen in love with all the tiny details possible in a quilt, you need the Micro Foot. Handi Quilter designed the Micro Foot for micro quilting, stippling, and thread painting. Because it allows you to focus on precision, it also works well getting close to embellishments; the base of the foot will give you a clear view of the stitching path in every direction.

Echo Foot Kit

Echo quilting is a great technique to add texture and interest to your quilt, but the key to effective echo quilting is control and consistency. To make echo quilting easier on your Handi Quilter, make sure you have the Echo Feet Kit. The kit is a set of three acrylic feet with a ring and each ring extends the width of the hopping foot. The Echo Feet Kit comes with a 3/8-inch interval, a 1/2-inch interval, and a 3/4-inch interval.

Couching Feet Kit

Couching is a method in which a decorative thread or yarn is secured to a piece of fabric using an additional stitch. The Couching Feet Kit includes three color coded and interchangeable couching feet: 1.5mm (blue), 2mm (pink), and 3mm (yellow). Depending on the thickness of the thread or fiber you’re couching down, you can select the right size foot to secure your couched embellishments like specialty threads, fibers, and yarns.

Sure Foot

Calling all quilting ruler fans! If you’re getting ready to do some ruler work on your quilt, make sure you switch the foot on your Handi Quilter longarm machine to the Sure Foot. The Sure Foot has a taller profile for greater stability while working with rulers and templates.

Square Feet Set

These feet may look a little unusual, but they can do some amazing things. Get ready to quilt-as-you go and start piecing on your quilting frame. The square feet act as a guide for consistent seam allowances of ¼ inch and ½ inch. The ¼-inch Square Foot is great for cotton fabrics, while  the .5 inch Square Foot is best for Cuddle fabrics and high loft batting.

Did you know that there were so many options for feet for your longarms? Come by Bits ‘n Pieces and see them, and all the beautiful longarm accessories, in action!

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